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Purdy, Purdy, Purdy!

I have (3) new crochet hooks coming from NKDesigns on etsy. I have purchased a few of the polymer clay handled crochet hooks in the past on etsy. Although quite pretty I found the handle not much bigger than the original. Linda at NKDesigns builds up the handle to make the grip easier on these tired old hands.

Another thing I like about her shop is that she is quick to convo back when you have a question. Many of the hooks I found on etsy were Boye and I am a Bates girl. I sent a convo to Linda (never met her before) and asked her if she could make some Bates hooks. Within three days she had purchased the hooks and even let me pick out my colors!

Her price is reasonable as well.

Here are my new hooks:

I can't wait for them to arrive!

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First of Four

Hoodie Easter Bunny
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Hoodie Easter Bunny

I recently purchased this pattern, http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=41733333, to make bunnies for my (4) little grand girlies. The lavender is the first completed one. I'm planning to use the four colors depicted in the pattern.

Basket of AmiScotties (personal collection)

Mom with three pups. I try to find yarns that depict all the wonderful variations on Scotties. Most people think Scotties are only black but there are wheatens and brindles. Brindles can be a wide variety of shades in black, gray, brown and beige.

Christmas AmiScottie

Christmas AmiScottie
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Musical Christmas AmiScottie. I put a music button in his right paw - he plays four different Christmas toons. Once again, made with HomeSpun yarn in Mistletoe. I absolutely love these colors!

This particular guy went to California to be included in a Scottie Club auction.

Cotton Sunhat Infant 3-6 months

Another fun summer hat for infant. I love these colors!

Lavender Scottie Love Baby Sunhat

Made with cotton yarn, this is one of my baby hats in my other etsy shoppe, The Cool Nana. Since I love Scotties (who didn't know that) this one is embellished with a cute little Scottie dog.

Tillie, the unreliable imaginary friend

Another one of my "Imaginary Friends" from my etsy shoppe, Tillie. Tillie is named after my daughter's imaginary friend (daughter is now 33 years old!)

When my daughter was a little girl she had an imaginary friend named Tillie. Tillie was the scapegoat anytime things went wrong.

If something was broken, lost or just a mess - Tillie was the culprit.

One day my daughter decided to go on an imaginary trip and asked my father to watch her jewelry while she was gone.

"Can't Tillie watch your jewelry for you?" my father asked.

Exasperated my daughter replied "I wouldn't trust HER with my jewelry!"

Every child needs an imaginary friend.

Autumn AmiScottie

Autumn AmiScottie
Originally uploaded by vicrochet
Getting caught up posting some creations. This is my Autumn AmiScottie. I love his texture!

Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments
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Christmas sweater ornaments for my daughter's family. Each ornament measures approximately 3" x 3". Miniature hangers were found at Pat Catan's in the doll house section.

"Hailey" crochet cloche with flower

Christmas Gift for 11 year old grand daughter